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How do you speak about luxury, without saying luxury?

If you're like us and you work in the superyacht industry, it's a fair bet you hear the word 'luxury' ad infinitum each day. But like any word that's repeated often, luxury has lost its meaning. We see it on Instagram posts of everything from cars, yachts and villas, to cocktails and candles, and we see it in the copy of those same products' marketing materials. It's dotted throughout websites, brochures and press releases - and there is good reason for that. The word luxury denotes a certain level of service to the reader, which tips them off to what they can expect from your company. It doesn't, however, make you stand out from the crowd. The word luxury is necessary to a degree, but we can be smarter about the way we use it in the superyacht industry. For a start, let's look at what our audience truly counts as luxuries in their lives. Time: Luxury to superyacht consumers is not the consumables in their cabin, the carpet on their floor, or the finish of the decking. It is the time to enjoy the beautiful space they're in with the people they love most. Time with children, time with extended family, time to read a book, and time to watch the waves lap the swim platform - for the busy superyacht guest or owner - that is luxury. Experience: We live in a highly-connected world, where emotive images are available at the touch of a button and the world can be accessed from our armchairs. A true luxury therefore, is an experience which makes us feel; which surprises us, delights us, or simply moves us to see the world in a new light. Whether that experience is gained by diving in a virgin dive spot in a remote Pacific Island passage, or watching the sun sink into the Mediterranean in a quiet family moment on the aft deck - the ability to evoke new experiences for guests delivers them true luxury. Space: Luxury onboard is space to move and enjoy; to be free of the constraints of the office, and the crowds of the city. To cruise to a cove of the guests' choice, to spontaneously have a change of heart and anchor at a bay overnight in order to explore a village overhanging a cliff above, and to have space for the kids to dive, swim and play. The space to be free of the dinging of email alerts, the ringing of phones and the buzz of messages; the space to listen to the ocean, or each other, is a luxury we're all chasing. Let's redefine the way we speak about luxury. If your product provides experiences, time with loved ones, adventures, space away from the crowd, freedom from stress and anxiety, or simply enhances the enjoyment of any of those moments, you are truly selling the ultimate luxury. Talk to us to hone your message.

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